3 Must-Have Accessories for 2013

This year’s hottest accessories are not for the faint of heart. Fearless fashionistas are embracing their inner bad girls thanks to a breathtaking display of spikes, snakes and ear cuffs. Previously relegated to the mosh pit, these styles have been revived for 2013 thanks to chic, feminine design updates including crystal accents and nature-themed detailing. The result? Elegant edge that can rock out all night and stick around for brunch the next morning.

Sugar and Spike

Spikes make a big impression in 2013, appearing on everything from necklaces, earrings and rings to headbands, scarves and sunglasses. We’ve even spotted spiked loafers! It’s precisely this unexpected styling approach that makes this trend so of-the-moment.

Sure, we all know that spikes look great with leather, mixed metals, and other typically tough features, but combined with unlikely accents like crystals and pink gold, wearers achieve a surprisingly sweet, endlessly appealing new look—leaving behind biker-chic once and for all.

If you’re worried about pulling off this look without being mistaken for an extra from “The Carrie Diaries,” bracelets are gateway accessories that let you work the trend without the trend working you.

Snake Charmers

Reptiles are having a moment. Go ahead and shudder, but get over it fast: The latest trends find snakes not only on a plane, but everywhere else you can imagine—from clothing to boots to bags. While today’s serpentine style hints at a traditional sense of danger, it achieves a uniquely 21st-century look thanks to modern designers’ whimsical interpretations of a classic fiend.

And while the snake isn’t exactly a new jewelry concept (think Cleopatra), the serpent—revered for its grace and ruthless beauty—has boldly slithered its way back onto the fashion scene. This is at least partly thanks to the Chinese astrological calendar naming 2013 the year of the snake.

Off the (Ear) Cuff

Fashion’s latest reboot lets even the most hesitant style-seeker achieve the rebel look with minimal commitment and maximum impact. Ear cuffs are everywhere: From the runway to the real world, these edgy accessories are enhancing the looks of downtown hipsters and uptown chicsters alike. Big in the late ’90s, they’ve resurfaced in a modern way. Many of today’s cuffs feature natural elements—such as gracefully winding leaves—that imbue a strikingly organic contrast and unexpected femininity to an otherwise rock ’n’ roll look. And while some of today’s ear cuffs require piercings, most are needle-free so the look can be delightfully temporary.

While these trends work well together to achieve a cohesive look, they each have the ability to make a big, stand-alone statement. So throw caution to the wind and don the accessories that play out your perfect bad-girl vibe.

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