4 Cash Saving Tips When Buying Diamond Jewellery


jewelleryAh, the splendour of diamond jewellery! From gorgeous earrings that twinkle merrily near your face, to that sparkling ring that speaks of class and style to necklaces, bracelets and more, jewellery adorned with these gem stones has been popular since time immemorial. Diamonds are rare natural beauties and ones that are often set in precious base metals like silver, gold and platinum; therefore it comes as no surprise that often the price tag associated with such jewellery is at a premium as well.

The best diamond jewellery in India and around the world comes in a wide variety of price ranges, quality categories and is available through a multitude of different avenues. If you are looking to save on purchasing diamond jewellery, there are certain pointers that many regular diamond shoppers recommend that you can definitely take a look at.

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  • Browse online – Online shopping has exploded in recent times and almost every retailer worth their salt has options to purchase their goods and services online; and the world of jewellery shopping has not been left behind. You will find a plethora of online diamond and other jewellery retailers and wholesalers, brands and design companies that offer an amazingly vast range of products like the best diamond jewellery in India at competitive rates. When looking to save money when buying precious jewellery it is always a good idea to first check what you can find online and at what prices. Comparative research with all your in-store and online favourites can often lead you to a smashing deal. Keep an eye out for seasonal sales, discounts and deals that pop up periodically on web stores.
  • Consider size, colour and clarity of the stone – Although keeping in mind the 4 Cs of diamond shopping i.e. the cut, clarity, carat weight and colour is essential when shopping for diamonds or diamond jewellery, a few compromises here and there largely go unnoticed. For example if you have decided you want to purchase a ring with a 1 carat stone, you could rather opt for one that is .99 or .95 carats. A size difference that is barely visible to the naked eye, has almost the same impact and yet can be a lot less expensive. Also very often minor natural inclusions in the diamond that give it its clarity grade are often not visible to the naked eye. Diamonds with inclusions that are not visible with casual inspection are much less expensive and are a great option when shopping on a stricter budget. Absolutely colourless diamonds are far more expensive than their counterparts that fall slightly lower on the scale. And the visual look isn’t always all that different. Check different grades to find one that fits more comfortably in your budget, without compromising too much on the overall look.
  • Reconsider the setting – You may think you have your heart set on a platinum setting, but how about switching to a less expensive alternative like white gold or silver. Even within gold you can opt for a lower karat like 14k or 18k gold rather than going for a higher 22k setting. Relatively inexpensive options like titanium and palladium are also becoming super popular nowadays and offers far more choices to a discerning buyer.
  • Loose diamonds – Often diamond jewellery comes with a high price tag due to the brand value or the design cost. Some buyers prefer to purchase loose stones and then have them set with a jeweller or online jewelry company that they like. This can sometimes lead to a decent amount of savings, if you don’t mind the additional time.

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Shauna C is a budding jewellery designer who is working on a range of high end and budget options. She hopes to launch a line of the best diamond jewellery in India soon. She is also an avid blogger.


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