5 Things you must do for the ‘Countdown To Christmas’

 You might hear the word ‘Christmas’ and think “Christmas? But it’s only October!” – but did you know this is actually the time when all the most prepared people start to think about the winter holidays. You know when you see those domestic goddesses who don’t even break a sweat on Christmas day? Well, that’s simply because they started their planning in October. Now is the time to start thinking of Christmas presents, Christmas home renovations and maybe even a Christmas getaway!


  1. 1.     Get the Presents Ready

 1 jack black

(1)  Jack Black Cleanser from GroomU, (2) Necklace from Gemleys, (3) Dog Coat from Edgemere.


In October, sit down and make a list of every gift you need for Christmas, and keep the list in your purse – that way, if you come across the perfect gift whilst out shopping you can pick it up and cross someone off your list! If you’re struggling for ideas, dads will love designer beauty products; mums will love pretty pieces of gemstone jewellery, and make sure you don’t forget to treat your four legged friends too! They’ll really appreciate it this designer coat from Edgemere.


  1. 2.     Get the home ready


 1 wood

Flooring from http://www.ncffurnishings.co.uk.


Nothing makes you feel more Christmassy than a beautifully presented home, so make sure you pan in advance and decide what DIY needs doing before your home welcomes all those Christmas guests! This Flooring from NCF in Birmingham is ideal for instantly updating the look of your home and giving it that classy designer feel.


  1. 3.     Plan your menu


1 food menu

Image Source


Remember, everyone has different diets and different tastes in food, so make sure you check up with your guests in advance. Last thing you want to do is cook a turkey on Christmas day and find out later that you have two vegetarian guests, one vegan, one who is gluten intolerant on one who’s on an all-juice diet cleanse…


  1. 4.     Book a Weekend Away


 1 aprtment

Image from Epic Apartments Liverpool


Why not consider booking a quick weekend away in December? Going away will help you relax and unwind ready for the Christmas rush!


  1. 5.     Get in the Christmas Spirit!

1 chrisdtmas

Image Source


Sometimes Christmas can be so hectic that we forget to enjoy it, so make sure you designate some time to indulge in hot chocolate, Christmas baking, crafts and games with the kids!



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