5 Ways to Make Working Out More Enjoyable



Let’s be honest. Working out isn’t always fun. Chances are, you’d rather sit on the couch and watch a movie than go out for a run. While it may be tempting to slack off, don’t! With our lifestyles becoming more sedentary, making time to get a good workout in is a must. If you want to make the process a little more enjoyable, here are five ways to do it right.

1) Find an activity you like

Do you hate doing crunches or lifting weights? All is not lost! There are so many different ways that you can stay fit. Start by thinking about your interests. For instance, do you like to dance? How about going rock climbing or yoga? It’s important to find an activity that you like doing. Not only will it make your actual workout more fun, but it will also help you stick to your fitness goals long-term.

2) Work out with friends

You’d be amazed at the difference a little company can make. Just think of it this way: you love catching up with your friends over a couple of drinks. So, bring that mentality to your next workout. (Minus the drinks, of course!) Having your friends with you will help time pass by faster. Plus, a workout buddy will hold you accountable. That means you’ll be much less likely to bail on that Zumba class.!

3) Try to look the part

Nothing is better for morale than a great outfit. Before your next sweat session, treat yourself to some new workout gear. Ditch those tattered old sweatpants. Invest in a cute pair of yoga pants or a sports bra with a bold print. Putting in a little extra effort won’t just make you look better. It will make your overall experience more enjoyable.

4) Try something different

Have you gotten into a rut with your workout? Then it may be time to try something different. Instead of going rollerblading around the block, why not take a boxing, mixed martial arts, or Jui Jitsu class? You’ll get to wear totally different gear, such as gi, shin guards or sparring gloves. This can help you get out of that rut – and maybe even allow you to invest in a new passion. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone now and again!

5) Use distractions to your advantage

When you stare at the clock, time tends to go by pretty slowly. How you can solve this problem? Get a little distracted during your work out. Try exercising in front of the TV, with a magazine in front of you, or with your iPod blasting your favorite song. When you aren’t totally focused on the fact that you’re working out, you are less likely to be unhappy while you do it.


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