5 ways to support your athlete

support your athlete

There’s nothing like an athletic showdown.  It’s inspiring, fun, loud, and brings out the kid in all of us.  Plus, it allows us all to get in on the competition!  As spectators, we can cheer on our team and the athletes we support.  Whether it’s our very own family member or our favorite player on our favorite team, there are myriad ways to make it memorable.  

support your athleteAthletics fans are quite creative.  They are committed to looking for new ways to stand out against the opposition, make the most noise, and get the most attention for their team.  Here are five cool ways to seriously support your athlete when the heat is on:

  1. Dress the part
  2. Tailgate
  3. Let it be written all over your face
  4. Bring a huge card board cut out of their face
  5. Sing, dance, and chant

Dress the part

Jobs have uniforms and rock star fans do too!  Make sure you support your athlete thread wise by clothing every possible part of your body with team gear.  You can adorn yourself visibly to show support with: A hat or headband on your head, t-shirt or jersey up top, wristbands on your arms, team branded lanyard around your neck, shorts or sweats on the bottom, maybe a full dress for the ladies, socks with the team mascot, and team shoelaces for your sneakers.  That’s a head to toe uniform to show your athlete that you are on board for the win!


What’s an athletic event without a little pre-game partying?  Tailgating doesn’t just have to be for football. Show your athlete your support by getting on site early and rallying the fans in advance with food, drinks and fun.  When your athlete arrives cheer them on loudly to give them some additional pre-game motivation. After they head in, you and other fans can continue the party while practicing to be the ultimate fan force!

Let it be written all over your face

Sometimes our emotions are said to be “written all over our face.” Well, don’t let there be any question about yours.  Get creative with face paint to show support to your athlete and team.  You can make each side of your face a different color, write team letters or names on your face, or have the artistic among you actually paint the logo or mascot of the team.

Bring a huge card board cut out of their face

Die-hard fans have found an awesome and exciting new way to be even more visible in support of their athletes by utilizing huge card board cut outs of their faces.  This is the coolest fanatical fan tool since the foam finger!  You basically send in a picture of your athlete’s face to a specialty face cut out and printing company to create a unique life size sign for you.  You can get them in various sizes from small enough for a keychain to so big that your athlete could see it like his hand from the 50 yard line.  Now that’s fantastic fan support!

Sing, dance and chant

There’s nothing like singing your team’s fight song to kick their motivation up and bring the victory on in.  Make sure you learn the chants, battle cries, songs and dances in advance so that all the fans will be in unison.  The more people who are in sync, the more loud and powerful your fan base will appear.

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