A Guide to Tungsten Rings


imagesAn Introduction to Tungsten Carbide Rings

A popular and very much in demand form of wedding ring in recent times is the tungsten carbide wedding band. There are a great number of benefits that tungsten carbide rings have compared to rings made out of platinum, gold or other metals.

They are very strong, virtually scratch resistant and relatively more comfortable to wear. A common urban legend regarding tungsten carbide rings was that in the event of a medical emergency, they could not be removed. This had caused many people to shy away from choosing tungsten rings. However, when jewelry shops did their research and after doctors commented on the subject, these myths subsided and thus, the demand for tungsten rings has gone back up.

In practice, tungsten rings are safer than other rings because at a crucial moment, they shatter and do not bend. This means that the ring will break off without causing the hand any damage. In addition, medical institutions are equipped to take the ring off in case of an emergency so do not be frightened by that. Gold or silver rings can bend quite a bit and the change in form can adversely affect the finger, so in truth, they are not as safe as their tungsten cousins.

The Good and the Bad of Tungsten Rings

There are many people who have opted for tungsten rings because their work requires them to use their hands daily and the intensity of their work may cause additional wear and tear on their wedding rings, causing it to lose shine and value.

The Bad

  1. Tungsten rings do not have the ability to be resized. Their strength is their failing in this matter and in order to get around this problem, you should find a jeweler who gives a lifetime warranty. When your ring size changes, and it will, then you will be stuck with an ill fitting ring unless the jeweler exchanges it. Hence, it is very important to pay attention to the size you pick in order to allow space for growth or weight loss.
  2. Be careful and do not buy cheap tungsten jewelry. Cheaper tungsten rings are mixed with cobalt similar to what you find in the filaments of light bulbs. Unless you want your finger slowly turning brown, find a nickel alloyed one. They are a little more expensive but they don’t really cause any damage. It is advisable to stick to reputable brands in such matters.

The Good

  1. These rings can never bend. Go mad and hammer it with all the might of Thor byt they still will not lose shape.
  2. Tungsten rings are scratch proof. Ask the jeweler and don’t be surprised when he offers you a filer for you to check for yourself.
  3. They are heavier than other jewelry metals.
  4. They will never lose their shine or their polish.
  5. They are hypoallergenic, perfect for those who get rashes or allergies due to metal contact.
  6. They are harder than titanium alloys and can only be damaged under extreme circumstances. Extreme in a metallurgical sense and not in a day to day sense, so there is no fear of damage. Ever.
  7. On your 400th wedding anniversary, your ring will look new, you on the other hand, won’t look so good.

Why Can Tungsten Carbide Rings Not be Re-Sized

Unless you plan on staying in the exact shape you are when you buy the ring, this is a crucial question to ask. Titanium, one of the hardest metals known to man, can be resized. It is a difficult and an expensive process but nevertheless, it can be re-sized. Tungsten on the other hand, is simply too dense and strong for it to be re-sized. Its hardness makes it slightly brittle which does not affect the wearability of the ring but does have some affect on the malleability of the ring.

So get multiple measurements for finger size in order to get the perfectly sized ring.


Janet Prior is a jewelry designer who has worked with gold and platinum jewelry for the past two decades. With the advent of the new year, Janet looked at alternative jewelry such as tungsten rings and has been helping people choose from a large variety of new jewelry that has come out in recent years. Contact Janet for information regarding tungsten and other rings or any other jewelry related query.



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