Best Diamond Gifts for your love

diamond gifts

For many women, the ultimate gift of love to receive from a significant other is diamond jewelry. However, in today’s often rocky economy, being able to afford a spectacular piece that is as unique as she is can be difficult. Now you have an option that is just as stunning as real diamonds at one tenth of the price of a comparable genuine stone. Forever Brilliant Diamonds by Charles and Colvard are the answer to your gift-giving dilemma. Women like to have a lot of Diamonds these days to wear them on occasions like party, weddings and other cultural programs .They are also a symbol of love and status for a women .
Moissanite is a man-made stone that has many of the brilliant properties of diamonds. Forever Brilliant moissanite goes beyond the traditional and is up to four grades whiter. A whiter stone gives off a visibly more noticeable sparkle and shine. What’s even more remarkable about Forever Brilliant is that it possesses up to 10% more brilliance than genuine diamonds. Brighter and more pure, at a fraction of the cost of a comparable diamond.

Forever Brilliant moissanite is created through a patented two-step process. The crystals are lab grown slowly over time, subjected to great amounts of pressure and heat over several days until the moissanite is formed. The stones of the highest quality are then chosen to become Forever Brilliant. These chosen gems are then given precision orientation, polished thoroughly and enhanced through a proprietary process to perfection.

You can feel good about the quality and durability of your precious gift, as well as its beauty. These stones have a hardness of 9.25 and come with a certificate of authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty, so she’s sure to treasure it for a lifetime.

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