Best Laptop Backpacks – Top Rated Student Laptop Bags

Best Laptop Backpacks - Top Rated Student Laptop Bags - 1

Best Laptop Backpacks - Top Rated Student Laptop Bags - 1Lugging a laptop is part of going to school, particularly when you head off to college where you will most likely not have access to a car. That’s why college totes and backpacks are so essential – you end up carrying a lot of stuff throughout your day and two hands just are not enough. For most folks, a tote bag really won’t work for a laptop, especially if you are also carrying a purse or a gym bag. A backpack lets you have your hands free to hold your phone, keys or a beverage as you go from class to class or to and from your dorm, the library, food hall, gym and so on. It also keeps your laptop undercover instead of out in the open. OGIO Newt has specially designed models which will hold either a 13-inch or a 15-inch laptop – check them out on along with a wide range of other backpack options.

There are many different styles of laptop bags and much like people each one has its positive attributes as well as some areas in need of improvement. What may work for one person may or not be a good fit for another? What is critically important is to know what will work best for you. If you are leaning toward a backpack style laptop bag, then you need to consider how the backpack fits and how heavy it is to begin with. Ideally you should look for a lightweight yet sturdy backpack that will protect your laptop and be easy to work with because you don’t want to struggle to remove or reinsert your laptop each time you need it. A luggage-style backpack is a useful option – the FUL™ 2-in-1 luggage backpack set features a 21-inch tall carry-on upright and a zip-off backpack while the OGIO Phantom wheeled backpack features a special laptop compartment.

If you travel a lot then a packable backpack is a versatile solution – the T-Tech by Tumi packable backpack unfolds from a compact pouch to a travel backpack complete with adjustable straps and front zipper pocket. The pack folds flat when not in use.  The Sumdex® x-sac Travel Smart backpack is specifically designed for a 16-inch PC or a 17-inch Mac plus it has an extra pocket for an iPad or 10-inch tablet. Bric’s X-Bag backpack is the perfect size to be taken on board and aircraft and features a spacious main compartment, exterior zipper pocket and tie string closure for added versatility.

Shopping onlineBest Laptop Backpacks - Top Rated Student Laptop Bags - 2 for a backpack or laptop bag is a great idea because you can see hundreds of options with the click of a mouse – this is also helpful when you want to see the range of colors available. It’s easy to compare features and benefits along with price but it is also a great opportunity to read the reviews and ratings on any item you may be considering. Reviews are written by people who have actually bought the item in question and they tell you what they find great or not so hot about the article. Perhaps the quality is not as good as it appears or the price/value relationship is not right – these are important things to know, especially if you are on a budget.

When you are shopping for any sort of college or school supplies you can get a lot more done by looking online – it’s much more efficient than wasting time running from store to store plus you can browse and buy at your convenience, any time of the day or night. Online shopping is the easy way to do your research and learn what your options are before you buy.


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