Black and white pearls the latest fashion trend?


While white pearls are always a classic and will never fall out of fashion, there is something to be said about the unique and modern look that black pearl jewelry can provide. We as women have been conditioned to gravitate towards pearls that are in the white and off-white color families, but truth is black pearls are also beautiful and elegant, and can fit in perfectly with classic and contemporary choices of attire. Don’t be put off by the darkness of a Tahitian black pearl ring, as it can perfectly complement a darker hue of nail polish while still fitting in flawlessly with your choice of a light-colored gown (just be sure to wear complementing jewelry, and play up your eyes with dark eyeliner and eye shadow to balance the color contrast).

When dressing down, keep things simple by sticking with a pair of black pearl earrings, or a strand of black pearls around your neck, or a large statement ring – but not all three. If you’re dressing up, an elaborate gown that is rich in color or design would be best accessorized with smaller pearls, such as drop earrings and a thin bracelet. Prefer lighter shades? Slip on a pair of dark-colored heels, and your entire look will be perfectly balanced from top to bottom. Or if you want to go for a daring and dramatic look, slip into a sexy little black dress, add a pair of sequined heels and a matching sequin headpiece, and then finish off your look with a gorgeous pearl necklace.

One of the great thing about black pearls is that they are just as unique and gorgeous as their white counterparts. Found at many jewelers such as National Pearl and at local boutiques, you can choose from large or small pearls, or mix both together to create necklaces that increase or decrease in dimension as you go up or down the chain. And don’t think for a moment that black pearls are just pure black. Just as white pearls may have various hues and undertones, so do black pearls. It’s not uncommon to find black pearls with hues of blue, green, purple, and even silver!

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