Building Bulk and Banishing Hair

Bodybuilding is a serious business. Those who do it as a hobby as well as those who perform professionally are intent on people looking at their muscles rather than any unsightly hair that they have on their bodies. The upshot is that they look to the different ways that they can get rid of unwanted body hair without the need to be shaving every day.


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Painful wax


If your barber is like mine and uses a cut-throat razor for that very close shave which he does as part of his overall grooming session, you may have experienced having that warm wax put into your ears and on your cheeks to remove unwanted hair. The wax literally ‘grabs’ the hair as it cools and he then removes it, pulling the hair out by the follicles. If like me, you’ve been there, you understand the pain that women go through regularly if they decide to remove the hair on their legs by using wax.


Imagine using that same procedure on a muscular body to remove chest, neck, shoulder and back hair! Some bodybuilders do it. The advantage is that it removes a great deal of hair at any one time; albeit with pain involved. Large areas are treated with waxed strips that are pulled off when the wax cools.


Other hair removal solutions


The same procedure can also be done using a caramel like substance; it is called sugar waxing.  The main advantage is that this sugary substance is soluble so you can remove any debris by simply showering as opposed to needing to look for wax debris left on the skin when the strip is removed.


There are also chemicals that can be applied to an area of unwanted body hair and left there to effectively dissolve the hair but there is a tendency for them to cause skin irritation. By all means try this but if you do get a skin reaction, be prepared to apply special cream that you can use to soothe painful areas.


You might want to try electrolysis which burns the hair follicle but there is not a great deal of regulation on this method. It will eventually stop growth permanently but not until you have had regular treatment over a sustained period.


Intense pulsed light


There are creams that can do the job temporarily and laser treatment for hair removal (but it’s expensive), but there’s now a technique becoming popular which you could look at. It’s called intense pulsed light (IPL), a process which transmits light that attacks the hair follicles in a completely painless procedure. It doesn’t do the job permanently but it certainly inhibits growth as well as removing existing hair. It is something you can do yourself or ask at your local spa or health club about the availability of the procedure.


IPL hair removal machines are certainly effective even if the treatment is not a totally permanent solution. It’s certainly a better solution than shaving your whole body or messing around with waxing strips – not to mention the pain associated with waxing.


I wonder if my barber with his cut-throat razor has ever heard of IPL, maybe I’ll mention it to him next time I visit – I may never have to have my ears (painfully) waxed again!


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