Chat Rooms: Benefits and Types


by Sandra Baker, community manager

With the advent of high speed internet, has arrived a new level of social interaction. While back in the ages, we had social community centers, we had clubs and other such places where we could meet new people. But they were often of a very limited circle. You only had a few people to choose from, the same old faces would be seen each time, unless you became a part of every social club, but let’s face it, who has the time and money to do that. But yet, as humans, we have this urge to meet new people, this urge to get hooked. We might want to get over somebody or we might just want somebody new in our lives. We might be open to a new relationship, a proper relationship with people we are more compatible with. And that compatibility is something that can only be found in these new free chat rooms that have come up today.


But what is a chat room? Essentially, you can meet random new people, people who share interests with you. You might feel it’s hard to find a person with the exact same interests, but it’s much easier here than anywhere else. These local chat rooms give you that opportunity better than any other means. There are different types of chat rooms, well basically two types.


First, it’s the dating chat rooms, over here, you can find your soul-mate, if that’s what you’re looking for, or you can find somebody to hook up with in a casual relationship. Whether it be a passionate, compromise-based relationship where you feel you can take it somewhere, or just a ‘friends-with-benefits’ relationship, you can find anything you want here. As long as you don’t portray yourself to be extremely desperate, you’re good to go. It’s not very different from an actual encounter; try too hard and you won’t succeed. All these chatrooms do is provide to you that opportunity to show off your personality and find people who truly value you, and just that opportunity is good enough to get you back on your feet if that’s what you need.


Then you have the other type, chat rooms for casual encounters, here you have a completely different type of chat room. While the other one is based on getting romantic with someone, this is simply to expand your social circle, meet new people, we’re all social animals, and it’s in our instincts! Making new friends and having extra social interaction can be a great way to take a break if you’re doing too much work. Just talking to some amazing people you’ve met on the internet can be extremely refreshing and morale boosting. Exchanging views, having arguments, discussing your favorite hobbies is something that can be the difference between a good night’s sleep after work, or just plain stress. To know there are people who like to be around and like to talk to you can help you a lot, even pull you out of depression. is a worldwide online dating site. For more dating advice and tips, visit

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