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The groom getting ready


It’s important for the groom to be looking tip top on his big day, after all they have a lot to live up to, with the amount of preparation and effort that goes into making the bride look just perfect.

The grooming experts over at have produced an easy to follow guide of what a groom should remember in order to look his best, in line with his beautiful bride. After all, all eyes are on you both on the big bad and you’re expected to look knock out, this can be tough and take a lot of time and effect so best to take a look at these few tips to help guide you through looking the best you can look.


You need to understand what hairstyles suit your face, this is a task that takes a lot of time and experimentation and should be done way before you’re big day. If you’re thinking of a new hair style ask a barber for their skills and expertise. They generally are the best people to ask, but don’t forget to get the most important persons advice, and that’s from your bride to be. Don’t forget to book your hair appointment in advance to ensure that you get the barber you want to do the style and to ensure it gets done on the day you want it to be done. If your eye requires a style, maybe book an appointment on the big day for finishing touches after all if it saves your time on the morning of your big bad this is a good thing, just remember to have it done after you take your shower.


If you require any waxing for your big day and in preparation for your honeymoon, make sure you have a tester waxing session well in advance of the big day in the region of six to eight weeks before. If you have never tried waxing before, just to warn you now, it really does hurt but it’s well worth it for the few minutes of pain, for the most important day of your life and of course your honeymoon. It’s good to seek the expertise of the beautician that’s carrying out the treatment if you have and concerns of questions to ask.


You need to invest is a good quality toothpaste containing a whitening agent, this helps to give you that whiter smile after around three weeks and the longer you use it for the better.

If you have the spare cash then opt for instant results with professional teeth whitening, there are clinics that perform these procedures, popping up everywhere these days. This is again a process that is required to be carried out way in advance of your big day, in case you require a follow up treatment. Either of these options is well worth the hassle and expense as you’ll be smiling of every photograph taken on the big day, it really can make a huge difference to your appearance.


Your hands need to look good on the big day, is not difficult to achieve this start with keep washing them and removing any dirt build up beneath the nails. After this stage apply a male hand moisturiser and repeat this process for a few weeks before the wedding.

If you don’t have the time and patients try getting a manicure ahead of the big day. But if you have the spare time and don’t want the added expense try shaping your nails with a nail file, you can always ask your bride for help and advice. Remember file from the edges to the centre and do not apply too much pressure, but if this is far too much effort you can always trim your nails with nail clippers.


Start by combing any hair before you shave, this makes shaving a lot easier and prevents snagging and skin irritation. Always shave when in the shower or just after, this is because warm water opens up the pores and softens your face. You need to always remember to shave the way that the hair grows, take your time to try to avoid any nicks or cuts. Then a shaving cream containing vitamin E will really give you a boost. Then apply a moisturiser rather than an aftershave, as aftershaves tend to sting and cause the skin unpleasant irritation.


Or course the most important thing to remember is that your best man has the rings!  But don’t forget you’re all important accessories on the most important day of your life!  You need to wear a watch not only to get you to the church on time but to also be stylish and stand out. A great brand to wear which is very much up coming is they have some bling watches encrusted with diamonds and some more subtle ones. Best of all with 3H Italia, you can purchase extra coloured straps, to take you from the wedding day straight to your honeymoon – just perfect!


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