Cool Summer Gift Ideas – What to Consider

The summer brings with it a million reasons to give. There are summertime weddings, graduations, sporting events and more. A well thought out gift is also a nice way to let someone know that you are still keeping them in mind, even though the season has pulled you both in different directions. On the other hand, it is also a nice way to celebrate the sun and good weather with someone who is right there next to you. Cool summer gift ideas, then, are something to set your mind to. Here are just a few things that you should consider when deciding what you want to buy.

Think Utilitarian

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One way to pick a good summer gift is to think utilitarian. Ask yourself: what does the gift recipient really need during the summertime? When you give a gift that is useful, the recipient gets more than just that initial flash of joy as they open it; they continue to enjoy it every time they use it. Flip-flops are a great example of this. Everyone loves that initial thrill upon receiving new shoes, but it is even better when you can slip them on and step outside on a hot summer day. Another example is travel gear. The truth is, kids are out of school that is the reason most people prefer to take their vacations during the summer and the weather is pleasant. Large totes and duffel bags make it easy to load up on the sunscreen, beach towels and books before heading out, whether that ultimate destination is the shoreline or the airport.

Think Fun, Too

Remember not to get so caught up in selecting a useful gift that you forget to select a fun gift. Try to strike a balance between the two. A beer or wine cozy, for example, serve a dual purpose. It is utilitarian, but it is also a reason to have a relaxing drink.

Get it Delivered

If you or the gift recipient happens to be traveling, consider having your gift delivered. Why is this option a good idea? Well, if you are traveling, you might not be able to deliver a gift in person at all. That means that the gift giving moment will have to be put on hold until you return. If your gift is intended for a special occasion – think birthdays or graduations – being late can definitely ruin the moment by making you seem forgetful or lazy. But having it delivered in your absence sends the opposite message: you care so much that you sent a summer gift, even though you were away.

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Sending a gift to someone who is out of town also speaks of thoughtfulness. Sometimes, it can be difficult to travel with gifts. Balloons, flowers and boxes of candy don’t make it through the customs department easily. In fact, trying to present these to your gift recipient as they are heading out on some grand summer adventure can cause them many complications. Instead, find out where they will be staying and have your gift sent to them directly. That way they can eat the cookies or smell the flowers without having to worry about a thing. Note that this works best when you are giving consumable or short-term gifts. Items like the aforementioned flip-flops or a set of coffee mugs would still need to be transported home.

By the Way, Don’t Let the Calendar Limit You

You should also consider sending a cool summer gifts even when the season has passed. Think of it as a sweet reminder of the fun that was had. A picture frame, for example, is a perfect accompaniment to the pictures taken during a vacation weekend. It allows the recipient to keep a memento of the summer somewhere nearby, such as on the wall or in the corner of a work desk.

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