First Date Fashion: How to Let Your Eyes Make an Impression

Your Eyes Make an Impression

First dates are always exciting and nerve wracking. With so much riding on first impressions, it is important to stand out and be memorable. Fortunately, to keep your date entranced by your beautiful eyes, here are 3 beauty tips:

First Date Fashion1. Wear coloured contacts.

One simple way of standing out on a first date is to wear coloured contacts to naturally draw attention to your beautiful eyes. If you want to keep things natural, you can choose contact lenses with natural shades of blue, green, and brown to enhance your eye colour from suppliers such as Next Day Contact Lenses.

For people that want to really shock their dates, you can use more bold contact lenses that depict different designs or vibrant colours. For example, there are many contact lenses available designed to add an unnatural tint to your eyes, such as pink or purple. Yet, if you want more than a mere tint, you can get contact lenses that depict cat eyes, vampire eyes, and more.

If you are not used to wearing contact lenses, be sure to purchase the lenses well ahead of time to give yourself a chance to get used to them and become comfortable. Once you know how to comfortably wear your contact lenses, your eyes will look more healthy and you will be more confident.

2. Choose the right eye makeup.

Depending on your eye colour, hair colour, and skin tone, the colours you choose for eye makeup will make all of the difference. However, when it comes to complementing your eye colour, here are popular eye makeup suggestions:

  • Rose, taupe, plum, and slate grey shades for blue eyes
  • Gold, mocha, sage, and plum for brown eyes
  • Plum, mocha, and greens with a yellow base for green eyes 

If you use contact lenses that make your eyes have more unnatural colours, you may have to experiment to find the right eye makeup colours to complete the desired look.

3. Wear coloured clothing that complements your eyes.

When dressing for your date, it is important to choose colours that make your skin glow, eyes sparkle, and look more healthy overall. Depending on your skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour, certain colours and shades will work better than others. For example, for people with green eyes, shades of red, purple, green, and brown do particularly well.

To learn what colours work best for you, here tips for clothes shopping:

  • Test your underlying skin colour. To see what your underlying skin colour is, simply pinch the back of your hand, tip of your finger, or an earlobe and see what colour follows. If you see red-violet, rosy, pink, or blue tones, cool colours will work best for you. If you see golden, coral, bright warm red, or peach tones, warm colours will be ideal. 
  • Compare colours against your skin. When clothes shopping, compare clothes against your skin in a well lit area to see what colours make you look fresh and healthy. Immediately discard anything that makes you look washed out or sunken. 
  • Play with accessories. If you aren’t bold enough to wear certain colours, you can play with them through your accessories. For example, if you really like a particular shade of purple, you can use it in a purse. 

With these 3 beauty tips, you can really grab your date’s attention with ease.

Sarah Cole is a relationship expert. She frequently shares her top tips for looking and feeling great on dates on relationship blogs.

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