Get the Best Flowers for Your Wedding that create the Perfect look

Flowers for Your Wedding

The flowers you choose for your wedding will help to create the perfect look, so it’s important to give plenty of thought to the types of flowers to use, the colours to use, and how you will arrange your bouquets and other floral placements.

Flowers for Your WeddingFirst and foremost, know that the season you’re having your wedding in will play a large role in the types of flowers that are available. For instance, spring weddings will most often feature daffodils, tulips, and lilacs; while summer weddings will almost always have an abundance of tiger lilies, roses, zinnias, and sunflowers. But if you’re having a wedding in the fall or winter seasons, don’t be distressed: you’ll be able to take your pick of orchids, late-blooming lilies, and even roses and of course holly and other well-known winter flowers.

When walking down the aisle, will you carry a bouquet that is strictly comprised of flowers, or will you have an added bit of pizzazz, perhaps some ribbon or lace, or even a touch of glamour courtesy of crystals or even pearls? Of course, this may be going a little over the top, as pearls and diamonds in a floral bouquet is not the right choice for every woman. Your florist can provide you with ideas for enhancing your floral bouquet.

The great thing about working with a florist such as Wedding Flowers Express, or a local florist, is that once you’ve chosen the type of flowers you’ll have at your wedding, you can then move on to colours. Many flowers are available in multiple colours, and many flowers can be tinted or outright dyed to a particular colour. Consider having the flowers in your hair match those in your bouquet, as well as the majority of flowers that will be placed around your wedding venue.

Don’t be afraid to take the time to browse for floral bouquet and centrepiece ideas before selecting your own. Bridal catalogues and wedding magazines are an excellent source for inspiration, as are online sources such as bridal forums and Pinterest. Your florist will also have books and photo albums stocked with ideas for you to browse.

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