Giving Gifts on a Budget: Fun but Frugal Ideas for Any Occasion

gift bags are perfect

Gift giving isn’t what it used to be, especially with today’s economy and the number of high-tech, expensive gadgets that seem to be on the top of everyone’s wish list. However, when money is tight and a special occasion comes around, you shouldn’t have to stress about buying a gift or go into debt by charging something that you can’t really afford. To avoid this problem the next time you need to purchase a gift, there are several fun but frugal gift ideas that are sure to please without putting a large dent in your budget.

gift bags are perfectCreate a Themed Gift Bag

Themed gift bags are perfect for any occasion, especially if you need to come up with an inexpensive gift for a young person. To create a themed gift bag, buy a colorful gift bag and some tissue paper at your local dollar store and then buy a number of small, inexpensive items that are all themed with the recipient’s favorite hobby, color, or cartoon character. For example, if your young nephew loves dinosaurs, you can fill the bag with dinosaur pencils, jumbo coloring books, buttons, wrist bands, and small bags of plastic dinosaur toys. For a young teen girl’s birthday, use her favorite color to create a theme bag that includes lip gloss, nail polish, a small decorative journal, scented sachet bags, and hair accessories. This gift is ideal because it allows you to give more than one item while you only spend about $20.00

Make a Gift of Memories

If you need a gift for a close relative or a sibling, then creating a photo scrapbook for them is an inexpensive gift idea that’s sure to make them smile. Gather photos that will remind them of a special time you shared, such as a trip you took together, or you can make it themed by using Christmas photos to make a “memory lane” holiday scrapbook by putting the photos in chronological order. Not only is this gift affordable because you do much of the work yourself by adding the photos and creating captions for them, but it’s a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Ask them to help you come up with amusing or touching captions or let them help choose the photos. This is the perfect way to create a gift that comes from the heart, and the recipient is sure to appreciate the time that you took to make it.

Shop Online for Baby Clothes

If a close friend or relative is having a baby and you need a baby shower gift, there are many deals to be found online. Giving gifts on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to giving one item in this case.   Making your own baby clothes gift basket is a perfect way to welcome your friend’s little bundle of joy. All you need is an inexpensive wicker basket that’s deep enough to hold several items of clothes, such as a newborn girl’s short set, several packs of onesies, socks, caps, and shoes. Most of these items can be found online, and at a price that’s sure to fit your budget. Once you have gathered the items, line the basket with a receiving blanket, put the items on top, and then wrap the basket with clear cellophane and ribbon. This is one of many great gift ideas that allow you to be creative, frugal, and give from the heart, no matter what the occasion.

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