How to find a trustworthy buyer when selling a watch

Cartier watch


Cartier watchA watch can be sold because of many reasons. Highly sought after models are usually worth a lot of money and its owner can capitalise on this opportunity. Genuine quality watches can hold their value for a long time. Prestigious models such as Rolex, Cartier and Breitling can cost anything from £5,000 to £80,000. With such an investment in a watch, there will be many buyers who will be interested in owning a Pre-owned quality watch. Genuine watches of this calibre will be cared for ensuring that they are kept in good condition. Genuine quality watches can also hold their value very well and there are always buyers who will happily purchased a second hand quality watch such as Rolex or Cartier. Celebrities continue to endorse the top watch brands and demand is always high. There are many potential watch buyers who will be looking to buy second hand quality watches. When selling a watch of any age, consider the following so that the right person is found:

How long ago was an EBay account created?

When a high bid has been placed on EBay for a Rolex watch or a model that is made by another luxury manufacturer, take a look at their account. If an account has been registered relatively recently, it won’t have any feedback. Consequently, it will be difficult to know if a potential buyer is entirely trustworthy. As bids from such accounts can be rejected, they won’t be the winning one. When a bid is placed by a dubious account, it also prevents bidders that have strong feedback from buying a watch. Therefore, it’s in a watch owner’s best interests that they inspect each bid, in particular those that are leading an auction.

Does an account have good feedback?

Established buyers typically have great feedback for every item that they have purchased. When an account is registered moments before a high bid is placed, take a look at their feedback. On EBay, feedback is rated as negative, positive or neutral. Feedback ratings on Amazon are done on a star basis. When an account doesn’t have many three star reviews or a feedback rating of at least 90%, their bids should be ignored. The comments that have been left by other accounts should also be scrutinised. When an account has positive comments, it must be doubted. This is because it could be fictitious and not genuine. Although some accounts can have entirely positive feedback and/or comments, it could be left by the same people. It’s been discovered that many sellers have asked their friends and family to write feedback for fictitious items. Despite this not being true for each account, feedback should be scrutinised either way.

Will PayPal be used?

A fast and convenient online payment method, PayPal is also secure. With over a hundred million accounts, PayPal is an incredibly popular payment system. Although small fees have to be paid for each transaction, it is worth every penny. After funds have been withdrawn from an EBay account, it can appear in a bank account minutes after. When PayPal isn’t used to pay for a watch after a Reserve Price has been met on EBay or an acceptable price agreed on Craigslist, someone else should be chosen who is willing to do so. If a potential buyer asks watch buyers if they’re willing to accept another form of payment than PayPal, this request should be refused. A watch owner can even be messaged regarding using another form of payment. By closely monitoring the messages that its owner receives, it can be determined who’ll eventually buy a watch.






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