How to get your newborn ready for their first photo shoot

newborn ready for their first photo shoot

Awww, how sweet.  You are in love with your new little bundle of joy, your baby boy or girl.  You know your whole family, and all of your friends, will be in love too—as soon as they see the pictures.  These pictures have to be just as precious and adorable as your beautiful little baby, so you need the best photographer available. Someone who has the perfect aesthetic and eye.  You also want to be sure you have everything ready to make the most of the session. This is your newborn’s first fifteen minutes of fame and you have to make sure everything goes off as fabulously as the annual Oscars! 

newborn ready for their first photo shootAs a new parent you probably have a lot on your mind. Do not worry, the session is going to go fine.  There are a few quick tips for you to follow and you will be whisking your beautiful baby away to his or her first photo shoot with a breeze:

  1. Take several outfits
  2. Take along toys
  3. Let your newborn be a baby
  4. Select a compassionate and experienced photographer
  5. Relax and let the photographer do the work

Take several outfits

Your baby has no opinion on fashion at this point.  If you do, make sure you take several outfits with you to the photo shoot. Sometimes clothes and colors that look a particular way in person, translate quite differently on camera. A great photographer will know how to change backgrounds, set ups, and lighting to help make your baby and their outfit look their best. What newborn baby isn’t as sweet as pie anyway?  Remember, however, that your kid is going to grow up.  Make sure they have baby pictures in a fashion that they can be really proud of later in life. Break out the cutest coordinated outfits you can find.

In addition to the look of the clothes, there are the practical considerations of milk or something else getting on your baby’s outfit.  If you have several looks with you it takes just a simple clothing change to make up for any problem with stains.

Take along toys

Newborns tend to be peaceful souls. They mainly sleep and tend to only wake up and cry when they are hungry, or have had a potty break.  You never know what your newborn baby girl or boy will be up to when you get to the photo shoot, so take toys with you in case they are up for a while. This will help keep them entertained and distracted so the photographer can get a few shots of the cutest darn expressions that only a baby can make.  If your baby is shedding big crocodile tears that can be adorable too.  But you know grandma is looking for those bright shiny eyes and a crooked baby smile, so take some toys just in case.

Let your newborn be a baby

Newborn babies sleep a lot.  So, if your baby wants to sleep at the photo shoot, don’t worry about it. Let your newborn do what babies do.  Those calm and peaceful pictures when the baby is just a little lump on a log, sleeping until their heart’s content, are heavenly and gorgeous pictures. Remember, this is the first of many photo sessions to come, so go with the flow if you can. You do not have to wake your baby up. Let the photographer capture the beauty of the organic moment.

Select a compassionate and experienced photographer

An experienced and compassionate family and baby photographer will know just what to do to make your baby look as gorgeous as they are in real life. It takes a real eye to translate that on camera. They will choose the perfect backdrop and props. They will make sure the lighting is perfect.  They will also make you feel comfortable and this will keep your newborn calm too. Check out the credentials or portfolio of the photographer you select to make sure you and your family are going to love the end result.

Relax and let the photographer do the work

You have probably been up with your newborn baby throughout the days and nights, so this is a great opportunity for you to get a short break. Having followed these tips to make things a breeze, you should have little to no work to do on set. Therefore, let the photographer work their magic while you take a break and relax!

Alon David is the owner of Alon David Photography. Living in San Diego, he is passionate about capturing each individual moment as he sees it unfold.

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