Men’s T-shirts – Fashion Basics

If the men in my life only listen to one thing that I tell them, then please, please let it be how to wear a T-shirt so that it looks good.  They can listen to nothing else, but it would warm my heart to know that any father, brother or boyfriend of mine is out there looking great in a T-shirt because they took my simple advice.  It is something that I find rather strange.  Men tend to wear a lot of T-shirts, more so than women I’d say.  Yet so rarely do they take the time to learn about what it is they are pulling over their heads to figure out whether it really truly suits them and enhances the good stuff they have.


Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

All too often I see guys wearing awful slogan T-shirts.  These are fine as one-offs – for stag parties or sports tours and the like.  But, wearing a slogan T-shirt as a fashion statement?  They are not smart, not funny, and they are certainly not stylish.  So guys, please leave the slogan T-shirts at the top of the fashion pyramid, little and very, very infrequently.


My next bugbear when it comes to men and their T-shirt selection is the cut or the style of T-shirt.  Just like there are certain colours that suit different people, there are certain cuts or styles of T-shirts that suit better than others.  The best place to start with the style is the neckline.  Most popular and one that suits most people is the round neck or crew neck, another popular style is my personal favourite, the polo T-shirt, a smart yet casual option.  The style to be most wary of is the v-neck t-shirt.  You want to avoid too deep of a v-neck (it just looks weird) but you also want to steer clear of any comparisons to Simon Cowell.  This guide to basic T-shirts from a men’s fashion website might help to provide more education on styles and cuts to suit you.


Getting it Right

Another crime against T-shirts committed by far too many guys that I see is bad use of colour.  Or complete lack of colour altogether.  Colour in any outfit should be well thought through.  If your colour combinations contrast, make sure it is just that – a contrast and not a clash.  Choose colours that suit your complexion, T-shirts sit exceptionally close to your face so if you are prone to blushing for example stay away from red T-shirts.  Make your T-shirt exciting – go for a pattern or stripes.  Patterns and stripes can be subtle but still make an impact, like the great T-shirt in this interesting style blog.


mens t shirt


My final piece of advice to men on the matter of T-shirts is probably the most important.  Fit.  Make sure your T-shirt fits you.  The fit should be appropriate so don’t think that one size fits all is fine.  Baggy is not good, baggy makes you look much bigger than you are and not in a good way.  Choose one that fits well.  One that shows off what you’ve got and also hides what you don’t want to show off so much.  Great fit is a trick us girls have been using for years, it’s high time you boys cottoned on.

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