Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Started at the Weekend

benz fashion week

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Started in New York at the Weekend

If you didn’t already know, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at the weekend in New York which kicked off with Nicholas K at 09:00 and David Tlale at 09:30. The one we were really looking forward to seeing was Monique Lhuillier, on at 7pm on Saturday 7th September 2013.

Monique Lhuillier’s line is always something we are excited to see because of the delightfully divine wedding dresses and evening gowns. If there is one designer that can make you feel your worth trillions of dollars… it’s Monique Lhuillier. What makes Monique Lhuillier so special is that her passion for what she does was driven by her own lack of choice for her wedding dress previous to 1996. If you are ever struggling to find the perfect wedding dress then we would highly advise you to watch out for Monique Lhullier shows. I am certain you will spot a dress that will wow you… she never fails.

I also got strangely interested in how Mercedes Benz ended up with their own fashion week and started to delve into their history and came across an infographic from County Rental that was actually quite interesting. The infographic is below if you are feeling a tad geeky and want to know the history behind the company that does this incredible fashion week.

I would love to see pictures of anyone who is attending the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, or to hear first hand what you think the ‘it’ item was. Please leave me your comments with your views as to what is going to be the next big fashion trend.

History of Mercedes Benz


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