Modest Clothing Redefines Modern Beauty

modern beauty

modern beauty

Modesty is a rare trait these days because for the most part, modern beauty is defined only skin-deep. So it is puzzling as to why there is a higher demand now for modest clothing than before the skin-bearing clothing trends. Today’s young women do not realize what message they are sending by wearing short shorts or tops that are much too small and show the bellybutton. But more and more are tuning in and witness the difference in whether others respect you. Before dressing provocatively, remember a few things that are rewarding about wearing modest clothing.

Improve Body Self-Image

In modern society, modest clothing is perceived as prudish or excessively conservative. But this ideology is proven wrong because so many women are able to look beautiful without showing too much skin. A big part of self-esteem is being happy with oneself and the complete opposite of that is to wear what you think others want to see. Instead of dressing to look good for you, skimpy clothes achieve the exact opposite effect and will always draw the wrong type of attention. For instance, after hearing countless whistles from men, any woman would start to wonder why anyone can’t get past their appearance. But gaining respect starts with you and if you can’t focus on more than looks than no one else will be able to.

Dare to Be Different

Society in general and even women themselves define beauty in how your face or body looks and this has been the norm for some time now. Fortunately, modest clothing is still on the fashion market because there is at least some sort of demand for it. Aside from self-respect, refusing to wear scanty apparel is daring to be different and loving yourself enough to make your own choices. With the flood of females who decide to follow the pride diminishing trend of wearing less, modest clothing is a refreshing change. It is impossible to stand out among women who dress with intention to attract inappropriate attention if you follow the crowd. The brand new “cool” is to stand up for your own style and don’t be afraid to look taboo. Find bright attractive colors to start with and switch off with darker shades to wear in fall or winter.

Maintain Beauty and Brains

Simply because you make a choice to dress modestly does not mean you need to sacrifice beauty or appeal. In fact, if you are intelligent enough to stray from the crowd then you can use your brain to find a good balance. There is absolutely no need to look boring, dull, or monotone. Try to enjoy the process of redefining your beauty by finding a classy and truly appealing manner that works. Spicing up an outfit doesn’t have to mean cutting off a part of it to show more skin. An alternative that brings more unique creativity to modest clothing is to match with accessories. Try wearing colored layers and matching jewelry in the winter to make your own personal fashion statement that stands out above the rest. Show everyone that beauty and brains have a new look without the scanty style.

I am Diana Lee, a proud owner of modest clothing for many years and still going. When I was young I preferred clothing that did not draw too much attention but experienced a difficult time finding more appealing apparel. Recently, I found that dressing modestly is going back in style and now there are actually good websites online to shop. I particularly liked FashionUnderCover because of their everyday low prices and special offers. I highly recommend FashionUndercover for those searching for modest clothing.


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