Running Your Own Business as a Nail Artist

There are some small businesses that do well in any economy, and it seems that nail artists are among those doing extremely well at the moment. Beyond French manicures and plain nail varnish, nail art is a lucrative and fascinating area of work. Creative beauty therapists and talented individuals alike can have a great time running their own nail art business.


This kind of business has the potential to be very flexible, which can fit in with your other commitments well, whether that’s college, childcare or another business. It’s a good sideline to fill appointment times in a beauty salon, but it’s also a good opportunity for a part-time or full-time business in itself. Sociable, varied and never dull, it’s a great career opportunity for anyone who likes the idea of merging artwork and beauty.

The Personal Touch

Nail artists are as important as good hairdressers and people become loyal to their favourites, building relationships in much the same way. You’ll have the opportunity to help people look their best at some of the most interesting times in their lives, from job interviews to weddings, as well as being there for a pick-me-up treat. In fact, the best way to build a business such as this is through personal recommendations, so building a rapport with your clients is a must.

Be Different

You don’t have to be qualified to start a business as a nail technician, but the top earners not only hold recognised qualifications but also update them and keep themselves in the loop as to current trends and techniques. There are a huge variety of courses available, and some of them offer something a little different which could be the thing that sets you apart in your town. For instance, there is one company called that runs courses in 3D nail art, which is unusual and potentially a great deal of fun. It would be an ideal marketing point for birthday or hen parties, for example.

Holiday Treat

Having your nails done is a huge treat for many people. Even people who don’t make a huge effort during most of the year often enjoy a little pampering on special occasions, and as you can see from Global Grind, times such as Christmas and Thanksgiving will always be a boost to the creativity and income of nail artists wherever such holidays are celebrated. It’s worth coming up with a few designs, even for holidays you don’t celebrate yourself, to give yourself an edge. Not Jewish? You can still create some amazing Hanukkah nail art. It’s worth investigating the current market in your area to see what other nail artists are doing and come up with your own twist on popular looks.

Nail art covers a huge range of beautiful creativity. At times when people are cutting down on larger expenses they’re often finding that smaller treats, such as nail art, are more affordable, making it a profitable and extremely rewarding career for the long term.


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