Safety vests for a better safety


Safety vests are utilized by many different industries, in particular police officers, first responders, traffic enforcement officers, and other personnel who interact with the public and may be put at risk by crime or by being in risky situations. For the majority of crisis-type situations, such as interactions with violent criminals, vehicle accidents, and natural disasters, incident command vests are the most common type of vest used.
While the majority of safety vests feature bright colors, a durable design that will hold up to regular wear and exposure to the elements, and pockets and other securing options for loose articles, incident commands vests from go above and beyond because they also provide crucial labeling that identifies who the wearer is or what the wearer’s task is, and these vests also have additional pockets and features for defense, safety, and medical gear to be securely stowed and transported. Incident command vests also feature a clear, often waterproof pocket for identification to be kept and displayed. When responding to a crisis many people are panicked, confused, and scared. It’s important to be able to clearly identify yourself, not just by the color and reflective nature of your vest, but by actual identification that reassures the people you’re helping that you are indeed there to help.

At Safety Gear Online, you’ll find safety gear for just about any personnel, for any situation. And when it comes to incident command vests, Safety Gear Online certainly has plenty of options. From standard non-rated vests in bright, reflective orange and yellow, to class 2 safety vests that offer reflectors for additional safety, to incident command vests that are specifically designed for first responders, all safety vest needs are met. And with many size and labeling options, you can sure that every member of your first response personnel team has a vest that fits them and protects them. Because in a crisis, the most important people present are the rescuers and other assistants, and it’s important that they are clearly identified as such. Incident command vests provide that identification, and also keep responders safe by illuminating them even when it’s dark outside or lighting is otherwise poor.

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