Shopping for Kids this Holiday

shopping for kids

shopping for kids

The Holiday season calls for excited children squealing and cheering in delight. It is also the season where Santa surprises them with extraordinary and the latest toys that is on offer. Therefore, keeping up with their demands is an important task and it is also crucial that you pick out the toys that you know your little one will enjoy playing with. While this may seem like a trivial matter to you, you do need to practice certain safety measures especially when you are out shopping for your children when the Holiday season begins. Usually, a great deal of care goes into the making of toys, however, there are certain toys that can be pretty harmful and may not necessarily be meant as presents for your children. Given below are some essential tips that will come to your rescue when shopping for kids this Holiday.

1.)    If you are gifting a bike, a helmet should follow:

Most parents ignore this aspect when they go shopping for their kids. If your child is old enough to ride a bike, you also need to realize that he is also equally eligible to fall prey to an untoward incident. Therefore, being proactive this Holiday season is a must by also buying a helmet along. As a rule of thumb, always buy a helmet that fits your child’s head perfectly as opposed to buying an oversized one.

2.)    Take into consideration the age factor:

When shopping for children, always take their age into account and buy your gifts accordingly. Usually, if the packaging on a toy states that it is not recommended for children below a certain age, abide by that statement as it can prove to be potentially dangerous if ignored. If you have children belonging to different age groups, always make sure that their respective toys are always kept separately.

3.)    Do not buy toys that have strings, chords or are too small for children under 3 years:

A rule of thumb to test whether a toy should be purchased for your children who are essentially below 3 years of age is to use the cardboard roll found inside the toilet paper roll. If the toy that you plan to purchase can be easily passed through this tube, you should drop the idea o purchasing it. Besides, when shopping for kids, you should also make sure that you steer clear of products that have long strings and chords, especially in case of toddlers, as the risk of accidentally strangling themselves increases. Therefore, it is important that you take this factor into account when shopping for kids this Holiday.

4.)    Do not settle for second best:

You may want to gift your child a memory by gifting them a toy that you may have used when you were their age. While it is an extremely innocent and pure gesture, it can cause your little one harm, especially if they are below 3 years old where they find it difficult to understand to differentiate between right and wrong. While the toy that you used as a kid may have been practically harmless, the massive year gap between may have cause a certain part to loosen or come off. Therefore, to be on the safer side, it is best that you purchase shiny new toys.

5.)    A well known toy shop is the way to go:

Simply shopping for new toys will do you no good. You also need to make sure that you choose a toy shop that is reputed and has been in the neighbourhood for a while. The quality of the toys also plays a massive role and when shopping for kids, this aspect should never be compromised.

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Sheila Andrews is a mother of 4 children ranging from toddlers to teenagers and is also a food blogger. She loves the Holiday season and is aware of the hectic shopping schedules that follow. She is also the author of an eBook on parenting


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