Should a Rolex watch be sold online or to a high street shop?

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Rolex 1

Rolex watches have been popular for decades. Ever since it made its first watch in the early years of the 20th century, Rolexes have been purchased around the world by people of all ages. Along with the Datejust and Day-Date, the Submariner and the Explorer are some of the many Rolex models that are very popular. If you’re considering if you should sell your Rolex watch online or to a shop that is on a high street, the World Wide Web is a far better option and here’s why:

The internet is more convenient

A high street shop, such as a jeweller or a pawn shop, has rigid opening hours. As the internet can be accessed throughout the day, it is far more convenient. By using a website that’s smartphone enabled, a listing can be created on an internet auction site or sold to a website that issues quotes whenever its owner wants to. As documents can be uploaded online, pertinent information can be supplied. Along with a Certificate of Authenticity, photographs can be uploaded. Just a couple of days after information is sent to a website that buys them or a listing is created on an internet auction site, a Rolex watch can be sold.

Payment is processed securely

When a Rolex watch is sold online, payment is sent securely. If a Rolex watch is bought for thousands of pounds, its former owner can be understandably concerned if they’ll receive their money. When deciding to sell a Rolex watch to a jeweller or a pawn shop, cash or cheque might be the preferred payment methods. By deciding to sell your Rolex watch online, payment can be done by BACS transfer or PayPal. Even if a Rolex watch is sold for thousands of pounds, there won’t be any concerns about payment.

The asking price can be met online

If a Rolex watch is taken to a jeweller or a pawn shop, the asking price might not be met. Even if a quote seems very reasonable, it could be less than its true value. By getting multiple quotes from websites that buy them, there will be many to consider before deciding what to pick. When searching for a set price, the internet is convenient, largely because its owner could be paid more. Even when a Rolex watch is returned to its owner once they have rejected a quote, it won’t cost them anything. This is because it is usually sent in a Next Day delivery pack. Consequently, it can soon be sent to other websites in order to get more quotes. As the same process can apply, there won’t be any confusion about what has to be done. In fact, the other websites that are contacted could provide a quote very quickly. A reasonable quote might even be given just a day after a Rolex watch was sent. As a result, payment can be processed within twenty four hours. 

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