Some Facts about the Latest Celebrity Make-Up Styles

Everybody wants to look like celebrities and this is completely natural. Make up is one thing that can easily transform you into your favorite star. All you need is that magic touch that cosmetic products can bring upon you. You can find the latest cosmetic range over online shopping websites. You can even buy make line products that have been specially selected by your movie stars and pop starts. This season try to color your lips with matte finish lipsticks. These cosmetics have been recently launched by some of the leading cosmetic industries of the world.

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They are generally available in colors of red, lavender, berry and pop pink. If you have dry lips, then it would be best if you apply some sort of balm beforehand. You can drink anything as nothing can affect your lip color, once it is applied. Some of them are available in natural colors with a shimmering luster for highlighting those lips. The following list will help you get a better grip of the latest make up trends –

Eye Shadows

The latest trend is to use red eye shadow. Now, it is essential for you to remember some important facts before you apply that reddish luster on your eye lids. You need to keep your accessories at a minimum level. It would be best if you don’t follow some celebrities who wear loud accessories with red eye shadows. Try to incorporate blue eye shadows with a nude lipstick and a clean ponytail. It is definitely a trend set by popular celebrities.

Recently few well known movie stars opted for a metallic orange colored eye shadow. Such shades can turn you into a rock star on a disco night out. You can always steal your favorite celebrity’s look by using an aqua blue shadow on the upper lid and a deep sea blue color on the lower side. If you have blue eyes, then try using a hue shadow. It will definitely make those eyeballs the center of discussions. If you want a vintage touch to your whole look, then try applying a cool green color on your eye lids.


You can find two sided blush over the market. These are result of the latest hype that has been created by celebrity make up trends. You are already familiar with red lipsticks. However, you might not know the idea of incorporating it with pink colored cheeks. Now, don’t get the idea that pink and red would turn out too melancholy and dramatic for you. It is certainly not.


A Recent young celebrity dared to incorporate the two and she looked brilliant in her avatar. Try to roll the blusher below your face apples. If you want to have the look for long hours then you will need to tap a tissue paper on your lips. To have rosy lips, you will need to rub your lips with a scrubber. This will ensure that not a trace of dry flake is present on the lips. Then you will need to apply that rose colored lipstick. However don’t forget to tap those lips with a tissue.

Description: Try to follow the latest make up statements by your favorite stars. You can get the latest news and info about them through online fashion blogs.

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