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fashion waves

Affiliating the Fitted Pants and Trousers is the Belly-Bearing trend. When a particular style fiesta treads along, then why only the celebs? Every common girl would love to grab any chance to be seen as the first one spotting the trend and with utmost perfection.

Some Pick and Flicks of Fashion this Season

  • Crop tops or the Belly-Bearing tops, as the name suggests, the tops are cropped from above and as well as from the bottom baring the belly button. Hence, the question may arise- is the oomph factor out of control?  No, our favourite celebs have not only given us the courage to opt for something so daring but also the best possible way to wear them. How?

Well, that is simple just go with the crop top flow with a high-waist skirt or trouser.

  • Skinny Jeans or the Slim Fit Pants, here again as the name suggests, it fits closely yet comfortably. The leg opening is small here ranging from 9” to 20”. They can be extra sleek and avail-able in various colored funky prints or extremely comfy plain shades of jeans.


  • Floral print dresses, seem to be the demand of the season. Those lovely flowers nicely highlighted with varied colour strokes cannot be side out. The variety of this genre works miraculously over tops and dresses. Any lady can imagine her elegance in a white dress containing red floral prints aided with a red waist belt or a big beautiful red flower placed upon her shoulder.


Elite Floral Print Dress


  • The Bermuda pants are back in demand. Who can escape the aura of smart chic flick and comfy outlook of the bermudas. Among the many trends in which they are avail-able, some of the trends are – floral, smart shades of jeans and ultra-formal single colored loose fitted bermudas.


  • Monochromatic shades of dresses are other brighter version of dressing. Be it black and white, or dark brown colored top, geared up with lighter brown shaded skirt, monochromatic dresses itself sets the knockout example.


  • Leather, no matter which year or century is it, people will always go crazy for leather. The versatile leather jacket adds a finishing touch to no matter what you wear. Often accompanied with mesmerizing dark coloured chic leather pants, leather will always remain the demand of every season.

Factors other than dresses which adds to the extra luster factor of a woman

The winged eyeliner art often does wonder for a woman in a party. Many make-up experts are of the opinion that Green is a shade, which is terrific when used as a liner and will do marvel when used as shadow for the sexy and chic factor.

Blue is next in the line, as a result of which we will see green and blue both being used cleverly to bring out the perfect combo look. For girls and women looking for a simple but effective trick bold kohl liner can never make you pass unnoticed.

Nude make-up, that peek-a-boo make up style is effective for most of the women. Not to forget how stunning a woman can look with strong nude lips and an elegant black dress.

Every woman looks graceful with her own style statement, just sometimes with some fashion steer her grace heightens.

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