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celeb make upMakeups, like any other products invented by people, do not last forever. They have a certain span of time when they are no longer to be used. It is important to know when or how long it takes for a makeup item to expire so you do not keep using them. There are tendencies of damaging your skin when you use expired products on them. You may read some exposed skin care reviews regarding using makeup and skin care products that have already expired. You can also use some anti-aging products if you need and buy lifecell for a younger looking skin. One should always remember the estimated life span of beauty and skin care products they use.

  • Estimated duration of mascara is about four months only. But if you want it to last longer, make sure not to expose it to too much air. Usually, mascara dries out fast because of the constant pumping in and out of the mascara wand. This can get air into the container and will dry the mascara before its expiry.
  • The next makeup item is the lip liner. This is said to last up to three years. Remember, this is an estimate. Lip liners may not really be very important in a makeup kit but if you think it is important to you, then have one that is easy to use and that suits your lips and lipstick color as well.
  • What about lipstick? Generally, it can last from one to two years. Some say they’ve had lipsticks that do not expire until the fourth year. To check whether your lipstick is still okay to use, try the smell. If it does not seem to smell good, that is a sign that it has already expired so throw it away and buy a new one. But you can keep your lipstick longer by storing it in your refrigerator.
  • An eyeshadow is said to last up to three years. To enjoy the three years using the same eyeshadow, choose the shade and brand that best suits you.
  • An eye liner will also last up to three years. This is true of pencil eye liner but for liquid and brush eye liner, they can last in a shorter span of time.
  • For makeup brushes, you simply have to wash them to keep them clean at least every two months or three months. You can replace them as you want but usually, they should be replaced once they show much wear and tear. Others would replace their brushes when they smell awful even after washing them.
  • There are other makeup kits that contain or have sponges included for applying powder. It is advisable to keep these clean as they are used directly on the skin, and most especially on the face. Using dirty sponges may cause bacteria infestation on skin making it irritated. Using dirty sponges may possibly cause breakouts as well. Wash sponges at least once a week and buy a new one every month.
  • Pressed powder or foundation can last up to a year if it is water-based but if it is oil-based, it can last six months longer.

Again, these numbers of months and years before each makeup item expires are just estimates. It depends mostly on how the item was made and when it was bought. The counting should begin once you bring out your makeup item from its package.

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