Tips for Online Dating

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By Rachel Blais, Community Manager

Relationships are something which is, especially in today’s world, an essential part of an individual’s life. Whether it’s simply social acceptance (considering that fact that WANTING to remain single is seen as something sad, really sad), or whether it’s finding somebody with whom you can be passionate with, dating people can be essential. But with the new advent of online dating sites, you can resort to this new form of relationship making, where you can either find naughty singles ready to rock your world, if that’s what you want, or even compassionate people looking for a real relationship.


First of all, face the fact, everybody who is anybody is doing online dating these days, there isn’t a tangible harm attached to it. As long as you’re careful as to whom you’re giving your information, but in that department it’s no different from social networking sites, except that here, everybody you meet is looking for somebody to start a relationship with. But how can you be sure you get the person you’re looking for? And whether she’s the one?


Firstly, let’s look at those flirty matches you get and those girls who want nothing more but a relationship based on spending nights with each other. If that’s what you’re looking for, as long as you seem classy and not a desperate pervert, you’ll be successful. For the men, you need to play a little ‘hard-to-get’, but also make sure you show interest in the girl, thus making her feel special, that’ll most probably be enough to get you her number and a real face to face date, where it’s then up to you to impress her and bring her home!


Secondly, let’s look at those people looking to date locals in their area, and looking for a real, sincere relationship. Many people have the idea that online dating sites are filled with perverts looking for no real relationship, but you need to look again, have multiple accounts on different sites. You can have a strict criterion, not based on looks, but rather on personality. Make sure the other person knows you’re looking for a serious relationship so as to not mislead the other person. Moreover, be the first to message somebody, look for new advertisements, sound intellectual and compassionate. Sound like a real human being would when they meet somebody in real life, be that guy!


Lastly we’ll talk about the girls looking for a relationship at these sites. If they’re shy because they feel they’ll end up with the wrong guy, because girls can be more sensitive to their emotions, they shouldn’t be afraid of these sites. People have gotten married after meeting up on these sites! As long as you make your intent clear and study the individual strongly before meeting them, trying to catch any lie they’re throwing, you’ll be fine. Because you need to understand that this is the same as a normal interaction, but since you can’t see the other person initially, it’s a little hard to catch their actual personality since they’re given that extra edge of not having to show themselves, but if you nail it, you’ll find the perfect guy for your life!

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