Tips to buy a comfortable fur coat


When you go to a fur coat sale, one of the most important things to consider is how the coat should fit. First of all, some of it is a matter of preference. The coats tend to be rather long, stretching down past the small of your back; this is best for keeping you warm.


If it is higher than the small of your back and comes up when you lean forward, it is too small. However, there are people who prefer this type of a cut, so this is not a hard and fast rule, but only a suggestion.

You should also put the coat on and move your arms. Do the sleeves come up too far when you extend your arm all the way out? Does it feel tight around your shoulders if you try to move your arms in a circle? You want it to be loose enough that you can move without any resistance, and you also want the sleeves to cover all the way to your wrists, even when you extend your arm in front of your body.

Finally, try zipping or buttoning the coat shut. Again, it should be fairly loose so that there is no discomfort, but no so loose that it looks sloppy. You have to find that balance in the middle.

If it is hard to button, you need a slightly bigger size, because this should not take much work. This reduces the strain on the clasps and keeps you feeling comfortable. Buying a fur coat is always necessary especially if you are in a colder country and you need to maintain the perfect body temperature to avoid complications. Follow these tips to buy a best coat for you without wasting a penny.

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