Tips to Look Perfect in Your Wedding Photographs

If you have a pleasing personality and attractive face but camera hates you and captures worst pictures of yours, then it’s a high time to realize that’s it’s not the fault of camera but indeed yours. Many a time’s people complain about the photographers or the camera for not framing their photographs well, but it’s not exactly the case. Most out there on the other side of the camera facing the lens are not even aware of what shall be the posture and position when before the gadget.

wedding photos

Photographs are the best parts of celebrations perhaps are the memories to cherish lifelong and if talk about marriages they are most awaited session for a bride and groom. But are you really ready for facing the camera at your best eve, if not then here are few important tips which can prove helpful in perfect picture.

Tips to augment wedding photographs

Are you all done with your wedding attire, decked up with jewelry, and make up that adds a perfect sheen on your face, but are you all set for perfect poses before the digital. Well not given a thought to it, then contemplate now. Below are some tips that would make you look good and gorgeous adding most amazing memories to the photo album.

Left Side Appeal: – It has been researched that left side of the body and face reflects better emotion and feelings and hence left side forward pictures looks more appealing. Make sure that you ask your photographer to capture your pictures from left side to add perfect clicks in case you are stuck up with ceremonies and rituals.

Standing Posture: -Don’t make a mistake of standing straight before the camera. Be it any body type, standing straight would make you look hefty in the photograph. Try standing sideways, with a hand on your hip or waist and tilt your torso backward. Hunch can add ugly look to the picture so avoid it instead move your shoulders back and sit upright. Also if you have thick arms problem, never keep them close to your body, instead place them on your waist, and pose confidently before the camera.

Perfect Posing: - Learn to strike perfect poses but make sure you don’t look too unnatural. If your marriage date is nearing, it’s a high time you start following the style; posture and grace reflected by beauty pageants in their pictures as they never fail to look beautiful before the camera. Try clicking some pictures of your before the grand day to get a better idea as in which posture and pose suits you the most. Don not stare the camera in a peculiar manner, just wear a smile and avoid direct encounter with the lens as it may lead to half shut photograph or sulky face.

For extra flab: – Flabs are hard to reduce, if your mission has gone unaccomplished then don’t worry, you have an extra attempt to make. Hold on your breathe for few seconds till the click in done. In case you have close fitting attire, then this trick may really do the requisite.

Make Up: – For brides make up is undoubtedly very important thing that needs proper handling. Make sure that foundation and other gels applied to the face leave no patches and are soaked in the skin to assure uniformity in the image. Unevenness may add extra shine on one part of the body and may ruin the entire photograph.

Discard that Double Chin Look: – Make sure before facing the camera you banish that double chin look. Just affirm that camera is above your eye level, try to tilt up your head and project your chin outward.

Photographs are all you have to share with all your friends and relatives who couldn’t turn up your wedding. So pose for attractive and pleasing pictures and strike perfect look confidently before the camera. Above are few important tips which can help you in making best of the memories on your wedding day.

Subhadra Bhadauria is a dedicated writer for Jeevan She regularly writes on matrimony articles and furnishes its readers with vital pieces of information. Understanding human psychology she blacks and whites’ life experiences and updates important suggestions

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