Top 5 Movies to get you in the Summer Mood

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Why are you worried about the heat outside? Take a seat, turn on your television, and let some of these movies fire you up. These are the top-five films from any genre guaranteed to turn any summer night into a cool, tropical paradise.


A discussion of top summer-themed movies could not pass without at least mentioning the 1985 film “Summer Rental,” John Candy’s first starring film. Candy’s character, Jack Chester, is an overworked air-traffic controller who finds himself beset by follies as he tries to enjoy a beach vacation with his family. This film is full of the excellent slapstick comedy that Candy was known for, and since its release has become a beloved summer favorite.


Summer can also be a great time… to die. Horror movies, it seems, are very popular with summer movie-goers. In 1997’s “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” Jennifer Love-Hewitt plays a high-school senior who, while on a trip with her friends, accidentally hits a fisherman with her car. Thinking him dead, she and her friends dump him in the waters and swear to keep it a secret. The following summer, he has come back for revenge. This film, while following a pretty standard thriller-movie script, has some definite chills that will cool down even the hottest of days.

Romantic Comedy

What would a summer movie be without Hawaii? 2008’s “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” has it all: stars, sex, beaches, and really awkward moments. Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) takes a vacation to Hawaii to take his mind off his recent ex-girlfriend Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell). But when he arrives, he sees her there with her new boyfriend. The beautiful settings of the film are excellent, but the acting is the best. Hands-down, the most spectacular, hilarious performance comes from Russell Brand, who plays Sarah Marshall’s eccentric music-star boyfriend, Aldous Snow.


Speaking of awkwardness on beaches, the next film in this top five is “Blue Lagoon.” This 1980 classic features a young Brooke Shields as Emmeline, a young teenage girl who finds herself stranded on a deserted island with her cousin Richard. After years of survival, their animal instincts finally surface and they end up sleeping together. Based on a novel written over 100 years ago, this film stays truer to the actual storyline than earlier depictions of the book.


The 1997 film “Con Air,” while not directly taking on some particular facet of summer, has a definite summer feel. Cameron Poe, played by Nicolas Cage, is on his way home to his wife and young daughter after eight years in prison. When his plane is taken over by fellow prison inmates, Poe’s struggle to reach his family turns deadly. “Con Air” features scenes in the sweltering deserts surrounding Las Vegas, sure to raise the temperature of even the coolest cat.

When you choose the right TV service, you will more than likely run across these movies on many different channels. This summer, whatever you choose when you’re sitting down to watch your television, be sure to pick something cool. Or perhaps something hot.

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