Top 5 vacation destinations in 2014

vacation destinations in 2014

There is nothing more exciting and inspiring than vacationing in a faraway destination. Getting out of your normal routine heightens your senses and makes life feel like a fairy tale, yet it is real.  The top five vacation destinations of 2014, are giving travelers with an exceptional sense of taste, the opportunity to explore and enjoy several regions around the world. If you are ready for rest, relaxation and adventure, it is time to plan your itinerary to one of these irresistible destinations:

(1)  The Caribbean

(2)  France

(3)  Morocco

(4)  Scotland

(5)  Portugal

Booking a private charter jet will allow you to travel to one of these locations in peace, security, comfort and style.  This will give your entire trip a restorative feeling. What awaits you when your private flight lands? Let’s explore:

The Caribbean

Are you a tropical weather wanderlust? Well, take off to the northeast Caribbean and U.S. Virgin Islands! Saint Thomas and Saint Martin await you with the warmth of the sun to give you that cozy carefree feeling.  Plus, you will experience the beautiful and relaxing ocean breeze.  That will put you into a beachside slumber in no time. You can wake up just in time for more good drinks, food and fun on the isles.  Wait, there’s more: Since Saint Martin (also called Saint Marteen), is the territory of both France and the Netherlands, you can also take in some unique cultural attractions.  If you love nature, don’t miss the Butterfly Farm on the Route du Galion. It is the largest of its kind and features butterflies in all shapes, colors, and sizes, from every corner of the earth.

Is history your thing? Learn about how the French and Dutch came to peacefully own the island and co-exist, by visiting the Border Obelisk, where the line is drawn between the two parts of the island and the story is told.


The Mediterranean is a top five vacation spot, year after year.  It is inviting and luxurious. This is the place to see and be seen—people watching has never been more fabulous!  Cannes, Nice and Saint Tropez, in the French Riviera, are the very definition of luxury.  People tend to think of these as playgrounds for the rich and famous, and they are, but everyone who travels here feels like high society in these alluring destinations. In addition to the beach, shopping and delicious dining, check-out the Matisse Museum in Nice, to see some of the artist’s most famed masterpieces. For family fun and a truly unique shopping experience, try the Places des Lices in Saint Tropez, for the Tuesday and Saturday markets, featuring local farm goods and handmade crafts.


Marrakesh, in Morocco, is a cultural pot of gold.  Get ready for buildings, markets and people bursting with vibrant color and vivid life! The Djemaa el Fna Square market is said to come to life after dark with a carnival like feel.  You will see amazing acts, from monkey handlers and snake charmers, to dancing drummers and acrobats. Your taste buds will also be entertained with the flavors of spiced cakes and on-the-spot fresh squeezed orange juice. For some active adventurers, take a hike or mule ride up the Atlas Mountains. Then at the end of your action packed days and nights, rest like a king or queen in your hotel. Marrakesh has some of the best five star hotels and spas in the world, with the most beautiful architecture. Charter a jet to this vacation destination and you will have lofty and lively day dreams for a long time to come.


Scotland, in the United Kingdom, is a great vacation to take in some of the rich European culture in Edinburgh and Glasgow. You can board a historical boat, take a train ride through beautiful country sides, go white water rafting, kayaking, fishing, have a game of rugby, and taste the delicious food and drink of local restaurants and distilleries. There are castles to explore, museums to visit, and the Highlands, through which you can adventure. You may enjoy the historic country homes and the assortment of hills and lochs. If you are lucky, you may be able to capture a photograph of the Loch Ness Monster, Nessie! Also, if you are a golfer, Scotland is the home of golf and there is no better place in the world to experience this wonderful game. As a matter of fact, Scotland is the host of the PGA Tour’s 2014 Ryder Cup event at Gleneagles. While the boys are out golfing, the ladies can enjoy a day out in one of Scotland’s many shopping centers or special boutiques.


If you are a beach enthusiast at heart, charter a trip to Portugal, one of 2014’s hot spots.  Algarve, Portugal is home to some of the top beaches in the world. You have never felt sand so soft and warm, or seen water so idyllic and blue.  With long stretches of beach and comfortably warm weather, you will want to soak up the sun and swim in the ocean all day long. If a totally unplugged reset is what you need, Algarve, Portugal is the place to be.

Robyn Cooper is a Senior Manager and Charter Broker for Icarus Jet. She possesses a true passion for traveling to exotic places around the globe.

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