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stylish bootsIt goes without saying that boots can be considered as one of the most stylish footwear available at the disposal of the fairer sex and therefore, it is obligatory that a woman owns at least one of these creations. Depending on the styles that are available, boots can alter themselves to suit your personality and this is what makes them a perfect option. Besides being versatile, it is also your perfect companion on chilly winter days. Furthermore, boots ensure that you wear your favourite skirts and dresses without being intimidated by the dropping temperatures. However, boots are bold and make a strong fashion statement. Therefore, it is important that you complement this look by keeping the use of accessories to a minimum. All you need is an Asscher cut diamond ring and you are good to go. Given below are some important tips that will enable you to wear these boots with confidence while you sashay down the road.

1.)    When wearing a skirt, opt for boots with high heels:

Shun the pumps for the winter months and instead buy boots with high heels. These will not only keep you warm, but they work excellently well with longer skirts. As a rule of thumb, you must ensure that your boots and the hem of your skirt just slightly come into contact. You must wear longer boots only if your skirt reaches at least your knees. If the skirt is full length, you must consider wearing ankle boots or booties. Besides, when wearing longer boots, you must ensure that there is a distance of at least a couple of inches between the hem of your skirt and the boots. This holds true especially when your skirt or your dress is of a body hugging variety.

2.)    Never wear tall boots for the summer:

While boots lend a chic look to your ensemble, their primary purpose is to provide warmth during winter months. Therefore, it is an absolute fashion disaster if you decide to wear them during the summer months when the sun is bright and warm.

3.)    Tall leather boots work excellently well with skinny jeans:

The key to looking appealing in tall boots when wearing jeans is by ensuring that you wear your boots over your jeans. However, you must realize that this trick works only when you plan to wear skinny jeans. Besides, if you boast of a larger frame on your hips and thighs, you  could stay away from adopting this style as it will only end up highlighting your problem areas.

4.)    Slouchy boots are perfect for a retro feel:

If tall boots are not your thing, you can consider wearing slouchy boots to give your ensemble a more retro feel. It works excellently well with longer skirts and can be worn over skinny jeans with the jeans tucked in.  Besides, to add to the glam factor, you can wear an asscher cut diamond ring.

5.)    Leather boots work well with girly dresses:

The key to achieving a stylish look is by ensuring that you maintain a good level of contrast. The best way to achieve this is by wearing bold leather boots with girly dresses that are subtle and light on the eyes. This look is perfect for the plain Jane look with a twist.

6.)    Go short if wearing thigh high boots:

It goes without saying that you need to combine boots and clothes in the right way to ensure that your entire ensemble is taken to the next level. Therefore, you need not shy away from wearing thigh high boots. The best way to ensure that you look your best in these boots is by wearing skirts that are short.

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