What to consider when approaching a Rolex watch dealer

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There are many ways to sell a Rolex watch. As well as putting an advertisement into a local newspaper, a Rolex watch can be sold online via an internet auction site. A website that issues quotes is another option for doing so. When selling a Rolex watch, here’s what to consider so that it goes according to plan:

Can a watch be returned once it has been assessed?

When deciding to sell a Rolex watch to a website that issues quotes, find out if it can be returned. If a quote isn’t accepted, a Rolex watch should be returned so that a different quote can be acquired from elsewhere. There are many ways in which a Rolex watch can be returned to its owner, such as a Next Day delivery package. By finding out if a Rolex watch is returnable, it can be sent to the right website.

Does it have a Certificate of Authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity is a very important document. Proving that a Rolex watch is genuine, its owner should have it. If the original document has been misplaced, a copy can be obtained from an official Rolex dealer. When a Certificate of Authenticity has been acquired, the Rolex watch dealers that are approached can be informed that its owner has it.

How many dealers should be contacted?

When selling a Rolex watch, many quotes must be acquired. If the owner of a Rolex watch doesn’t get several quotes, they won’t have many to choose from. Even if an initial quote seems very reasonable, another that is given in the future can be much higher. By asking several jewellers or websites, the owner of a Rolex watch will be spoilt for choice before picking a suitable quote.

Is an official box provided?

Rolex watches are not only viewed as an investment but they can also be given as gifts. When presented in an official Rolex box, a dealer could pay more for it, such as if it will be given as a gift. A higher quote might be issued by a Rolex dealer because they won’t have to source an official box themselves, therefore avoiding any additional time or expense.

When was it serviced?

If a Rolex watch hasn’t been serviced in a while, it could have many faults which will prevent it from working at some point in the future. Before approaching Rolex watch dealers, a model should be serviced. Click here for more information on reputable watch dealers. Consequently, any faults can be identified and fixed. When a Rolex watch is serviced by an official repairer, a Certificate of Authenticity will be issued. If a Rolex dealer does ask when it was last serviced, this document can be given to them. As the validity of a Certificate of Authenticity cannot be brought into question, it is in its owner’s best interests to get this document once it has been serviced, especially as it provides concrete proof that it’s in full working order.

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